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Lenswap™ Acetate Glasses & Sunglasses Frame - Model 16330

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Pair these quality frames with Lenswap lenses for a personalised eyewear experience that's both cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

Frame Size: Medium-Large 52▢18 , Temple Length: 145mm

Lenswap Frame

  • Great Quality & Affordable Frames
  • Pair with Lenswap Lenses
  • Re-order lenses without buying new frames with Lenswap frames.

By choosing Lenswap, you not only get access to an extensive range of amazing frames but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with the eyewear industry when you re-order lenses next time. Upgrade your eyewear style with Lenswap, where sustainability meets style, one frame at a time.

Free Return Delivery Check Mark - Optometrist approved in Australia Fitted in Melbourne 16307 red tortoise cat eye glasses frame. Affordable 1950s Style cat eye frame with quality acetate material. Suitable as optical glasses or sunglasses, prescription or non-prescription options.
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Sustainable Eyewear Solution

More About Lenses - Multifocal Lens Options

Digital Multifocal Lenses - replacement lenses

Digital Multifocals

Freeform Technology

Lenswap Digital Multifocal is a top tier free-form multifocal lens design that has significantly reduced peripheral distortion (compared to traditional multifocal lenses).

Our digital multifocal lenses reduces the traditional peripheral distortion in a traditional standard multifocal by also including prescription, frame and user measurements to calculate and generate a customised, personalised lens for comfortable clear vision.

Each point on the lens surface is also compensated to provide the best possible visual quality and performance.

Digital Plus Multifocal Lenses - best replacement multifocal lenses with wide field of view

Digital Plus Multifocals

Freeform + Digital Raypath Technology

Digital Plus Series is our top of the range family of lenses created by combining complex curves on both surfaces of the lens together with digital ray path technology to calculate & provide the best vision correction with a multifocal lens.

Digital plus multifocal lens features a unique, continuously changing front and back surface curvatures of the multifocal lens & further expands the reading zone with further improved peripheral vision compared to the digital design.

office lenses for near and intermediate vision wide field of view,

Office - Computer & Reading

Wide Near Zone Lenses (No Far Portion)

Office progressive lenses are an excellent choice for individuals who spend a significant amount of time working on computers or performing tasks at intermediate distances. By prioritizing the intermediate vision zone and providing a smooth transition between focal distances, these lenses offer clear, comfortable vision for office work while reducing strain on the neck, shoulders, and eyes.

Lens Materials - Explained

1.49 & 1.56

Recommended For Less Than +/-2.50 Prescriptions.

CR39 (1.49) - Impact Resistant:

Standard index lenses are typically the most affordable option, making them suitable for budget-conscious customers. Durability: These lenses offer good durability and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

HIVEX (1.56) - Impact Resistant:

Excellent optical material with high refractive index, high abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistant are traits of Hivex.

Mid-Index (1.60) 

Recommended For Less Than +/-4.00 Prescriptions

Mid-index lenses strike a balance between lens thickness and cost. They are thinner and lighter than standard index lenses, providing improved aesthetics and comfort. Prescription Flexibility: Mid-index lenses are suitable for moderate to high prescriptions and offer better optical performance compared to standard index lenses.

High-Index (1.67)  & Ultra High Index (1.74)

High-Index (1.67) - Thinner and Lighter:
Recommended For Less Than +/-7.00 Prescriptions

High-index lenses are significantly thinner and lighter than both standard and mid-index lenses. They provide a sleeker, more attractive appearance. Comfort and Aesthetics: The reduced lens thickness of high-index lenses makes them comfortable to wear and minimizes the "bug-eye" effect often associated with strong prescriptions. Frame Compatibility: High-index lenses work well with a variety of frame styles, including rimless and semi-rimless designs, where thinner lenses enhance the overall look.

Ultra High Index (1.74) - Maximum Thinness and Lightness:
Thinnest Available

Ultra high-index lenses offer the highest level of thinness and lightness, ideal for individuals with extremely strong prescriptions. Sleek and Invisible Appearance: Due to their minimal thickness, ultra high-index lenses provide a nearly invisible appearance, giving wearers a natural look and reducing the distortion caused by thicker lenses.
Enhanced Comfort: Ultra high-index lenses significantly reduce the weight of the glasses, offering exceptional comfort even for those with high prescriptions.

Lens Options - Explained

Icon showing blue light filter add on option for optical lenses by Lenswap Australia

Blue Light Filter

Using screens and being exposed to blue light has been found to impact the production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep.

Lenswap's Blue light filtering lenses for glasses contain a coating on the lenses that helps restrict the transmission of the full range of blue light.

Super clean and clear coating upgrade icon image showing benefits of the add on coating for clarity and cleanliness

Super Anti-Glare

  • Cleaner & Clearer
  • Water Repellence
  • Smudge Resistance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Glare Reduction
Icon showing transitions lens options for colour changing option

Colour Changing

Photochromic lenses, also known as transition lenses, offer a remarkable combination of convenience and eye protection. These adaptive lenses automatically adjust their tint level based on the surrounding lighting conditions, providing optimal vision and UV protection in various environments.

Anti-Fog Lenses suitable for chefs to prevent lenses steaming up and blurring.

Anti-Fog Treatment

Anti-fog treatment prevents your lenses fogging up when exposed to mist.

This upgrade reduces blue light transmission together with infra red radiation to keep your eye cool in heated environments

Blue Light Filter + Infra-Red Filter

Ideal for someone exposed to lots of heat, ie. chef.

Infra-red protection shields your eyes from heat with extra protection in conjunction with blue light filter.

anti-glare polarised lenses fitted on an oakley sunglasses at a beach with uv filter.

Polarised Lens Upgrade

Polarized lenses effectively filters out horizontally polarized light, such as glare reflected from surfaces like water, snow, or roads. By eliminating this intense glare, polarized lenses enhance visual clarity, allowing you to see objects more crisply and sharply. Whether you're boating, skiing, or simply relaxing on a sunny day, polarized sunglasses provide a clearer view of your surroundings.

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How To Measure Your PD (Pupil Distance)

How To Measure Pupil distance picture 1

Step 1.

Stand facing a mirror, at a distance of about 20cm

How To Measure Pupil distance picture 2

Step 2.

Keep your head straight and hold the ruler against your eyebrow.

How To Measure Pupil distance picture 3

Step 3.

Close your RIGHT EYE and align '0' to the center of your left pupil.

How To Measure Pupil distance picture 4

Step 4.

Without moving the ruler, now close your left eye and open your right eye.

How To Measure Pupil distance picture 5

Step 5.

Finally, Read the MM measurement that lines up with the center of your right pupil.

Multifocals Only - How To Take A Photo

Take a photo for Multifocal Lenses.

Turn on your front camera, hold phone up with arms straight with camera at eye level and take a photo.