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Where are Lenswap lens materials made?

We source the best lens materials from around the world & paired with innovative alpha (digital & digital plus) & camber (bespoke) technology from IOT to produce a personalised pair of lenses with high definition clarity for your daily enjoyment. Below is a summary of the origins of your lens material at Lenswap.

1.50 Index - Acomon (Mitsui - Italy)

1.56 Hivex - KOC (Mitsui - Korea)

1.56 UV++ - Sartomer (USA)

1.60 - MR-8™- Mitsui (Japan)

1.60 Hivex - MR-8-Plus™ - Mitsui (Japan)

1.67 - MR-7™ & MR-10™ - Mitsui (Japan)

1.74 - MR174™ - Mitsui (Japan)

Lenses materials are then surfaced, moulded and cut to shape in PRC & Australia.