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Photochromatic - Lenswap™️
Photochromatic - Lenswap™️
Photochromatic - Lenswap™️
Photochromatic - Lenswap™️


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      How To Measure PD

      How To Measure PD (Pupillary Distance)

      How To Take Photo For Multifocal Lens

      Step 1. Turn On Your Phone's Front Camera
      Step 2. Take a selfie with the phone directly infront of you (eye level)
      What's Included in Your Lenses?
      • Standard Anti-reflective & Anti-scratch lens coating
      • 12 Month Manufacturing Warranty [Lenses]
      • Your Frame Shape is generated & saved on file.
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      The service is definitely 5 star! I recommended all of my friends
      Jessie L.
      Wide selection of lenses, for a fussy girl, I had no trouble reglazing many pairs I loved! Couldn’t recommend enough, 10/10.
      Alana K.
      Great expertise and range of optios. The team there made the experience super comfortable and the lenses were really affordable too!
      Emma C.

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      Choose From Quality Lens Options.

      Need more information about different options? Read below for further information .
      glasses lens replacement in australia, with anti-glare and high index lens options
      Choose Your New Lenses

      Lenswap™️ lenses are individually tailored & custom made to your specific needs with or without prescription. Choose from a a variety of lens types such as optical or sunglasses options.

      • No Prescription: Choose this option if you don't usually wear glasses & just want clear anti-glare lenses in your frames!

      • Distance or Reading Prescription: Choose this option if you usually wear single vision glasses.

      • Essential & Digital Multifocal Lenses: Choose our Premium Digital Free-form Multifocal for when you require a near boost prescribed by your optometrist (especially when there is an ADD in your prescription).

        More About -Essential Multifocal

        More About - Digital Multifocal

      • Office: Choose this option if you have an ADD (that is over 1.75) for comfortable computer & near vision. It is a half multifocal lens with top part for computer and bottom for reading.

        More About - Office Lenses

      Anti glare lenses with thinning and hi index options in photo in australia.
      Choose Lens Material

      Different Lens Materials dictate how thick or thin lenses will be. 1.49 Index is the standard index for non-prescription and low prescription lenses

      • 1.49 (Standard): Choose this option if you do not have a prescription or a script under +/-2.50.

      • 1.56 (Hivex): This is a great lightweight impact resistant lens that will shield your eyes from any blunt impact. Choose this option for prescriptions under +/-3.00

      • 1.61: Mid Index lenses are great for prescriptions less than +/-4.00 for a thin& light appearance.

      • 1.67 (High Index): This high index lenses provide ultimate clarity and thin & light lenses for all day wear for presriptions under +/-6.00

      • 1.74 (Ultra High Index): Ultra high index lens is the thinnest plastic achievable which provide ultimate clarity and thin appearance for heavier prescriptions.

      sunglass lenses for reglazing and replacement lenses in existing frames. Oleophobic coating available with maximum uv protection.
      Select Lens Extras

      Choose premium lens option add ons from Lenswap for your frames.

      • Blue Light Filter: Great for if you do lots of computer work or work under fluorescent lights. This option reduces glare and improve contrast sensitivity and may help with sleep. They however do make things slightly yellow, so keep that in mind!

        Read More - Lenswap™️ Blue Light Filter

      • Clearer & Cleaner (Super Coating Upgrade): This option is for a high quality oleophobic anti-glare coating which reduces smudging and water repellant and also more scratch resistant. Choose this option for maximum clarity and reduce dirt on your favourite glasses.

        Read More - Super Coating (CSD)

      • Transitions / Photochromatic: Choose from gray or brown, these lenses turn dark when you are outdoors and exposed to UV light. They provide extra shield to glare during sunny days and turn clear quickly when you are indoors.